Thursday, January 27, 2011

Angel Messages for Humanity (tm)- Message 1

In the interest of mankind the Angels are delivering messages full of hope, love and joy for a better today and a

better tomorrow. I have agreed to be this channel.

Angel Messages for Humanity(TM) # 1:

There comes a time in the grand scheme of things the Divine Source, which we choose to call God, relies on all means available to reach out the Divine Message to the masses. This is such a time. Never before in the history of mankind is it more needed than now. There is not one inch of the earth that cannot benefit from prayer and upliftment.

The planet is heavy with disease, war, famine and pain. It is now time for mankind to put down it's barriers of

fear. Fear of each other. Fear of the unknown. Fear of different beliefs. Fear of different races. The peoples of the planet are all one people. It does not matter the race, the color, the belief. Much of the strife is over the ownership of land. May we stress to you that man does not own the earth, man is only the caretaker. The creation of man or woman was not intended for them to lord over another person, place, animal or thing. Man and woman were created to be the caretakers of the planet and all life on this planet. The definition of caretaker is to take care of. Somewhere in the past man had assumed wrongly they were the superior being on this planet and the results are now more evident than ever before. All of the situations that are out of balance on the planet earth are man made. May we stress this one more time ... Man Made. It is now time for this to cease.

Man must reverse what they have created for all to survive. Pollution of the air, land and seas. This threatens your very survival, yet man continues along the same path assuming someone else will take care of the problem or their little contribution to this unbalance is not really that much. This is where man errors. Each contribution ... no matter how small contributes to the whole ... each contribution.

Reverse this train of thought by asking each day what you can do to help in the reversal. Each action is always followed by another action ... make yours a positive one.


For decades Sharae has channeled Divine energy and messages through her Angel paintings and written word.

After much prayer and meditation, Sharae gladly accepted the responsibility and gift to be the vehicle for these messages.

The Angel Messages for Humanity(TM) will continue ...

Sharae Taylor is an Angel intuitive, artist and author. She has helped multitudes of individuals around the world through her Angel paintings and messages. We invite you to visit her site for further information.

© 2005 Sharae Taylor

You have permission to publish this article electronically

or in print, free of charge, as long as the bylines are

included. A courtesy copy of your publication would be


Sharae Taylor is a well known Intuitive Angel Artist whose paintings are in world wide collections and her works have been exhibited with other well known Angel Artists Andy Lakey ,Donna Terody Sheratan,Gary Markowitz, past art editor of "Angel Times" magazine and K. Martin Kuri, Angel Artist and Author. Sharae has also participated in many Angel Expos and Angel Conferences with other well known Angel Authors like Alma Daniels author of "Ask Your Angels" . Her Angel paintings are featured in the newly released "Angels" DVD by Llewellyn and New World Music and was featured in the February 2005 issue of Sharae is a published author in magazines and ezines. To view Sharae's Angelic art and for further information visit her website at:

Everything Old Is New (Age) Again

And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. (2 Corinthians 11:14)

I belong to an online Bible study and networking group. Each of us loves the Lord Jesus Christ. Although we belong to varying denominations, each of us is committed to study God's word and gain a deeper understanding of His will. A few months ago, a group member posted an inspirational poem to the message board titled, Acts of Faith.

Acts of Faith is a simple, poem filled with scripture imagery- "Your crown," "children of the King," "live by grace." What could be the problem?

The author of the poem is Ilyana Vanzant. Ms Vanzant is a motivational speaker, author of 18 books, has been an Oprah Winfrey regular guest, and co-host of the network television show, Starting Over. Ms Vanzant is not a Christian; she is an ordained Yorba priestess steeped in new-age mysticism.

If a committed Christian could be deceived by New-Age wordplay, how much more easily deceived are the unsaved? Don't be surprised with your unsaved co-worker's version of "god-talk." New Age teachings mimic Christian concepts and language. New-agers will even quote scripture to bolster their case.

Esther and Jerry Hicks are early proponents of the Law of Attraction principles found in the blockbuster book, The Secret. The Law of Attraction is a philosophy that corrupts Biblical principles to obtain the benefits of God without repentance and submission to God. According to her website, Esther Hicks receives her insights by talking to a group of spirits who call themselves, "Abraham." The Hicks website is loaded with scripturesque quotations complete with King James English.

"That which is like unto itself is drawn."

"It is done unto you as you believe"
"Ask, and it is given,"
This new-age philosophy promotes the Law of Attraction as the omnipotent, omnipresent force that controls everything in the universe. It is god-talk without God. In fact, it may even take a while to recognize that the new-ager is not a fellow Christian. After all, not only do they use "almost" scripture phrases, many Law of Attraction websites actually quote the Bible. They prominently feature Proverbs 23:7 NKJV. "As a man thinks in his heart, so he is." Why worry about a few new-age people?

A Google search of the phrase "Law of Attraction" produces over two million websites dedicated to propagating the philosophy. The Law of Attraction book "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne was released in November 2006. According to Simon & Schuster, public demand was for more than four million print and audio copies in the first five months. In less than one year, The Secret has sold over six million copies and Law of Attraction has become one of the fastest growing movements in the Western world.

This new-age philosophy creates a theological swamp. New-agers actually talk like we talk. Most people who have adopted these teachings don't even recognize that they do not follow the same God you do. They believe in god. They believe in god as a spiritual force of the universe- not the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. These people will insist that it is perfectly acceptable and allowable to refer to God as the "universe," or "the force of nature."

Introducing Christ to the person who has fallen into this philosophy is particularly difficult. You will not typically be able to shake this believe system through scripture reference or verbal argument. The first critical step is to separate your evangelistic speech from their god-talk. While not diminishing the Trinity, you will have to differentiate your God from their word-clutter. New-agers frequently use the terms: god, father, and spirit. They never refer to Jesus Christ. I suggest you emphasize the name of Jesus in all your evangelistic conversation.

Law of Attraction stresses physical-life benefits. Health, prosperity, peace, etc. Your evangelism will have to center on relationship with Christ and eternal-life benefits. Health, prosperity, peace are natural side benefits of being a Christian. But if you focus on these benefits, the new-agers will think that you are only talking about two different ways to get to the same destination. Your verbal testimony will have to elaborate the intimacy of knowing God. Law of Attraction can counterfeit rules, laws, and benefits- not relationship. Your witness- your observable testament, will have to evidence your relationship with Christ. These new-agers will come to Christ when you can show them the God they can't know through the Law of Attraction.

In Isaiah 1:18 NKJV, the Lord says, "Come now, and let us reason together..." We commune with our God. We abide in Him. We talk to Him and He talks back to us. By our words and our conduct, millions who seek God's stuff through the Law of Attraction, can learn instead...

"Seek first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you." Matthew 6:33 NKJV

Be Blessed and Fruitful,

Yvonne Reeves-Chong is speaker, writer, evangelist and witness for "The Defense." As a divorced, single parent, she spent most of her early adult life fully focused on earning enough money to support and raise her son. She spent twenty-five years as a salesperson, administrator, and finance manager. Yvonne understood harvest principles and had one measure of success. The bottom-line. She understood profit- ?get it; then get more.?

But, the Holy Spirit kept prompting her with this question, ?What is My bottom-line?? In study, it was clear. God?s bottom-line is Salvation. He expects us to ?get saved and then go get more saved. ? Yvonne discovered the profitability of sowing. ?The Seed is the Word of God.?

She re-focused her life from the financial bottom-line to God?s evangelistic bottom-line. Now her sole determination is to sow God?s Word- until she leaves the earth by translation, rapture, or at 120 years of age with her eyes not dimmed and her natural force not abated.

You can reach Yvonne at

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Amazing Diversity of Meditation Groups in the Studio City - Los Angeles Area

When I re-located to Studio City and became involved with meditation groups in the Los Angeles area, I was amazed to find so much diversity. While I have no actual statistics to back it up, I would have to say that there are more meditation groups and classes in Los Angeles than any other Major metropolitan area. If you are looking for a meditation group in Los Angeles, or even Studio City, I am sure you can find one that will suit your needs.

Many yoga studios, such as Angel City Yoga where I offer guided meditations, offer meditation classes or groups. The connection between yoga and meditation is well known, of course, and many people just naturally assume that they will be able to find a meditation group at a studio that teaches yoga.

Another good place to find meditation classes or groups is with any of the many Eastern religions that are represented in the Southern California area. Because of its location, Los Angeles is home to many communities that support the religious customs and ways of people who have emigrated from the countries of the Pacific Rim. They have brought their faith and practices with them and share their knowledge of meditation with anyone who is interested in learning how to meditate.

While that alternative works for some people, because they are part of a religion, some people are uncomfortable with that approach and would like to stick with strictly learning how to relax and to go into what is known as the meditative trance state.

Then there is also the so called, "new age" method of meditation and enlightenment. New Age is an eclectic mix of Eastern Mysticism and modern beliefs. There are many new age groups who practice meditation in one form or another, as well. But once again, because the New Age methods may be based on spiritual or religious beliefs, some people shy away from them and join a group that is simply using meditation as a means for relaxation and self improvement through inner self management.

Wil Langford, R. Hy., offers his guided meditations for relaxation and exploring the self. He teaches meditation and offers classes at Angel City Yoga in Studio City, California, where you can learn to meditate. Wil is also available for private lessons, guided meditation, and workshops. Wil has helped his clients to use meditation for many purposes such as, relaxation, better health, better sleep, stress relief, financial attunement, finding their life's purpose, and personal and spiritual growth. You can learn more at

You may also purchase his guided meditation MP3's for your own use. You may download them or play them instantly online.

He is an expert on the subject of human consciousness and the author of Parts Consciousness Therapy, a guide to the self as explained in his book, "Your Loved Ones, Your Self; Finding and Raising the Family Within" at

Mommy! There’s A Monster In My Bedroom!

Local family reported that their child cried out about a monster coming into his bedroom on an almost nightly basis. And when we came to investigate had discovered the child was right!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Little People

I spent a wee part of me evening searching for proof of the little people. And since it was Saint Patrick’s Day evening had I thought it be no better time than to frequent those special magickal sites known for their wee folk sightings and occasional shenanigans should you ever unwisely be disrespecting them.

The original image was rather dark as such conditions prove favorable towards hiding the wee folk from being observed.

And should you be one of the foolish which not be a believer in such things than perhaps this photo might be giving you something more to consider. For they are easy to view if only you believe within your heart that such magickal creatures do exist.

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The End Of Rochester Paranormal?

The End Of Rochester Paranormal?

Not at all. We just decided that enough was enough regarding the on going campaign being waged by a number of childish minded individuals and groups both using and abusing our name sake out of spite and personal gain.

Recently we were informed of a woman conducting a paranormal investigation allegedly involving a rather violent ghost and a five year old child while claiming she belonged to a group called Rochester Paranormal. Of which she is not.

So besides people out there intentionally creating public confusion plus using our name for reasons of recognition and monetary gain have we also had to contend with fingers being pointed at us every time one of these individuals either screwed up or screwed someone over.

For the record folks. Any investigation involving Rochester Paranormal will ALWAYS involve both Myself Director J. Burkhart and Ms. Cindy Lee personally.

Anyone caught impersonating either of us will have legal proceedings placed against them.

There are those who have ignorantly blamed me for ruining the paranormal potential in this region which is absurd when considering all the collateral damage caused by other individuals within this region whose campaign of slander, deceit, and plagiarism, is truly what is behind the regional erosion of public confidence.

And because most of them feel they are untouchable as well as justified in their actions often involving depraved indifference just continue harassing anyone they feel is preventing them from their agenda or goal.

But just how busy or ethical are those claiming I prevent them from entering more peoples private homes and businesses?

Well the image included with this post came recently from the server of one local group even after I had threatened them with legal action if they didn’t remove my images which last year had maliciously attacked me in both writing and by illegally copying and distorting my personal images for their published amusement.

A so called professional group of wannabe enthusiasts with so much time on their hands that they have time to once more ignore my original request which they said they had honored in storing examples of their childish artistic endeavors at my expense on their groups personal server.

It makes me laugh when such people can’t understand why hardly anyone invites them into their personal private home in the presence of their children just so a bunch of adults can play act out a fantasy of being a crack team of professional ghost hunters.

So where is the REAL Rochester Paranormal?

You’ll find it by clicking here.

View the original article here

Monday, January 24, 2011

Spirit Under Glass

I’ve been dealing with a number of private issues involving hauntings of residential dwellings which have produced highly unique anomalous occurrences which subsequently have altered any preconceived notion regarding prior behavioral expectations.

Here we have evidence of structural damage involving an outer storm window with three broken sections which by itself is nothing remarkable.

But what proved startling was the fact of later discovering that “something” had been captured quite visibly beneath both panes of glass and semi transparent within those sections which had no glass.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mary King’s Ghost Fest

As the Mary King’s Ghost Fest comes to town, Kirstin Innes spends some quality time in the Blair Street vaults, one of the most haunted locations in Britain

I didn’t see dead people. I should make that very clear. No dead people were actually seen in the process of writing this article. Whether or not they were there, my friends, I’ll leave up to your judgement.

Underneath Edinburgh’s South Bridge, opposite the City CafĂ© and next door to Cabaret Voltaire, there’s a series of vaults which were used as a subterranean village in the 17th century. It was a high crime, high poverty area - a lot of murders. Over the past few decades, the vaults have attracted swarms of parapsychologists and psychics, and there’s a regular tour which capitalises on the vaults’ reputation as one of the most haunted places in the country. Nobody dresses up like a wacky Elizabethan jester and no mad monks jump out at you. They don’t need to: the tour guides lead you down there and around the cold, candlelit rooms armed with little more than a book full of purportedly true accounts from sceptics and believers alike, and somehow manage to create one of the most frightening experiences of your life.

The trick, I told myself, is just to think everything through rationally, and ignore that strange, cold, creeping feeling tightening around your waist. That plan was working very well until our guide, Robert, mentioned the Watcher, a particularly malevolent spirit who tends to follow the tour parties round: ‘He’s often seen right behind that doorway there, and has possessed people on the tours.’ He paused, then went into great graphic detail about twisted faces and women being flung across the rooms. Just a story. Ignore that coldness spreading across your back. . . ‘And - oh Kirstin, I’m so sorry, you’re on the hot - or rather, the cold spot. The most common point for possession is right there, in the doorway.’ I moved. Nobody laughed. Later on, when he gave us electro-magnetic field measuring devices and told us to go and explore, we hung back, huddled together, even the bright sceptics who’d asked scientific questions at the start of the tour.

In the third room we visited, the panic set in. The atmosphere changed, suddenly: the temperature dropped, the woman beside me started shaking, and I got a very tangible feeling that something just wasn’t right. Robert noticed it too, ushering us out and seeming to curtail the tour. I’m glad he did, because I was about to run for it.

Back in the sunshine, it was very easy to rationalise the whole experience away. Mass hysteria, clever insinuation, manipulation of the atmosphere. I just haven’t quite convinced myself of it yet.

The Mary King’s Ghost Fest has been finding novel ways to scare the bejesus out of people since 2005, and this year’s programme, bigger than ever before, encompasses paranormal experiments with Most Haunted’s Dr Ciaran O’Keeffe and screenings of cult horror films. You can also, should you want to, conduct an overnight vigil in the Blair Street vaults. Whatever. You and the Watcher can paint each other’s toenails and tell ghost stories. I won’t be joining you.

The Mary King’s Ghost Fest runs from Fri 11-Sun 20 May. See for full event listings. Tours and vigils in the Blair Street vaults are run by Mercat Tours:

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Occult Week TV

Channel 4, starts Tue 6 Mar, 10pm


It’s long been believed that with the death of mass popular religion in Britain the paranormal plays a much larger part in people’s belief systems. But if the double-bill opener to this short season is anything to go by, debunking the scary and the sinister is an industry in itself. Or maybe in this post-Blair Witch world, we just think that there are as many hoaxers as ghouls all around us.

First on is Interview with a Poltergeist, which catches up with the Hodgson family from Enfield who were embroiled in a paranormal nightmare in 1977 when the spirit of a dead cockney became trapped in 11-year-old Janet’s body. Their testimony and the eye witness reports from police and press is brutally convincing but there are sceptics who reckon this was just a girl having a laugh, growling out an OAP’s voice for weeks on end. Setting aside the fact that her vocal chords would have been damaged beyond repair after an hour of such impersonation, you can tell by the shattered look in the 41-year-old Janet’s eyes that fun didn’t play much part in her experience. There’s not much fun to report in the story within Sex, Magick and Murder but the death of Pagan Peter Solheim which was plotted by his spurned lover is simply made to look like the work of malign satanic forces. Though, when you see what they did to his toes you’ll be glad of a sickbag.

More: TV, Documentary, Interview with a Poltergeist, Magick and Murder, Occult Week, Reviews, Sex, Supernatural

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Angus Dunn


The image of the sleepy insular community rocked by some sinister supernatural force has been a cultural staple, from Daphne Du Maurier’s The Birds through to the surreal chills of Twin Peaks. In his debut novel, erstwhile joiner Angus Dunn provides a startling, Highland twist on this familiar sub-genre. The fictional fishing village of Cromness provides the backdrop to shape-shifting locals, houses which double as the portal to some parallel universe and the beach where village eccentric Jimmy Bervie looks for sandy patterns to divine the future.

Dunn’s novel began life as a series of instalments on the internet, but the episodic nature of his tale neither inhibits its swift pacing, nor detracts from the fact that this is a bold, confident debut, packed to the gunnels with memorable characters and wry humour. The other great star of the novel, however, is the setting, Dunn bringing the Black Isle to vivid, dramatic life.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Quantum Preponderance

I live within a singularity.

An expansion of never ending.

My consciousness emanate omnipotent decree.

Subjugating totalitarian that which random may achieve.

For there exist levels of advanced human experience which are lonely in expression representing an exchange between mere sentience and that of conscious ascent.

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Paranormal News Central Copyright Thieves

The people behind the site Paranormal News Central are in the habit of stealing copyrighted material from other sources which they then add their own name to while giving no credit to its original creators.

Contacting them gets you nowhere with the exception of mild harassment and name calling which is standard behavior for groups of this type which now saturate the Internet with their bogus claims, stolen material, and frequent ad displays filling their site.

Presently through YOUTUBE Paranormal Central has illegally copied and altered my video which I had produced for a couple in Florida who are allegedly plagued by small aliens entering their home. And ours is not the only video which they have illegally copied and added their name and website address.

The practices of groups like Paranormal News Central who feel they are above the law represent just a few of the problems which today only serve towards further discrediting the honest efforts and hard work of the paranormal community.

Those of us who have done the research and have produced evidence which in turn is shared publicly are those who deserve credit for their contributions.

Those within the paranormal community who steal and thus profit from the hard work and efforts of others should be exposed publicly so that everyone may become aware of their unethical and illegal behaviors so that they may be avoided and blacklisted from the overall community.

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The Return Of Horror Cinema

I remember back when as a child long before cable or even Satellite television when the local channels would run special programs dedicated to sci-fi and horror movies. Television programs such as Frightening Flickers with Gregory The Grave Walker stumbling his way through Mount Hope Cemetery.

Now back then which was long before personal computers and video games were invented, a child relied on books and his imagination along with listening to the radio for entertainment. But when horror television came along you can bet that many children were glued to the tube watching human or mutant monsters wreck havoc on mankind.

I mean sure, some horror movies may have been somewhat corny even in its day, but because of its unconventional nature as compared to the norm would leave you riveted to your seat until the ending credits rolled and mom was reminding you after five times that dinner was getting cold.

Such memories.

And since I’m such a hardcore paranormal advocate and old sci-fi monster movie buff that I recently completed the video program Graveyard Cinema with your host Mr. Ghoul.

Graveyard Cinema first movie will be the brain numbing classic The Legend of Boggy Creek. A movie so slow and gradual in its depiction of some hairy swamp monster terrorizing the folks of Fouke, Arkansas, that even Thomas Biscardi could not have done more to liven it up.

So if you know anyone within the CH15 PCTV area ask them to record this regions first return of classic horror t.v and enjoy the ride back to a simpler time when horror movies with little or no commercial interruptions ruled.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Haunted Irish Pub

Supernatural Paranormal » Blog Archive » Haunted Irish Pub Supernatural Paranormal Covering Beyond The Peripheral

Haunted Irish Pub Posted on 2nd April 2010 in Anomaly, Ghost Hunting, Ghosts, Mediumship, Paranormal, Stigmatized Property

A couple days ago we found ourselves visiting a lake side Irish Pub here in Monroe County which had long held the reputation of containing more than just a wide selection of fine liquors.

Several years ago while the establishment had been under different ownership were we invited to investigate but had never followed through. Fortunately the new owners of the site were kind enough to permit us partial access of the establishment for the exclusive purpose of attempting capture of any anomalous events.

We arrived at about 11:30 PM and after sitting down with our drinks had begun my tour where from anyone else’s perspective I was only taking pictures and videos of things they could not see.

Later after arriving home  and having downloaded my images did I then discover just how haunted this one particular drinking establishment proved to be. Though not surprising given its long history, nearness to a body of water, and location of severe accidents through the years.

My first clue was when within 15 minutes of my arrival did I have one of several spirits brush by me in letting me know of their awareness regarding our actual purpose for being there.

I never once sensed any hostility but rather an insatiable curiosity  bordering on impending loneliness just to be noticed.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The outer rim of Heaven is a very much earthlike place in a lot of ways, except there is a sort of perfection and ease of operation there. I have noticed that the closer in towards the center you get the less solid, and concrete things get. Merciful heaven is on the outskirts, near the border. It is beautiful, but very real feeling. It is a recieving heaven, which means we have a lot of new people coming there, and a lot of people who just feel more comfortable in our relaxed and comforting atmosphere. 

I picture the map of the heavens, as being kind of hat shaped, and the mountain in the center is the most holy place, where people cannot hold a secret or private thought, and communication is completely telepathic. In that center you are neither over here, or over there, you just are, and there are no objects, or material forms to give you a frame of reference of where you are. I have heard it is a very odd feeling that some people just can't get accustomed to, so those people prefer areas on the edges of heaven. Even people who live more towards the center, like to go to the outer area at times. They enjoy the feel of sidewalk beneith their feet, and to experience earth like sensations, sights and sounds for a change. 

Mercy is a younger one of the sophian race, and part of a Sophian's job is to be a sort of hostess in their small portion of heaven. they run heavens according to their natures. Mercy tends to offer security, comfort, and a chance to be creative. The whole place makes people feel at home, just by the nature of it. It offers a lot of comfort, and insures that people feel secure there. 

Most people in my heaven work. They each have duties based on what they like to do. They have archetects, and fashion designers, and bakers. People amuse themselves in their spare time with a lot of different activities, like going to amusment parks, and shopping in huge beautiful malls called agoras. 

Heaven is vast, and Mercy's area is about 200 miles, by 200 miles, or it would be if if were physical, and it is just a very, very tiny fraction of the heavens. There are other heavens also, but those heavens are the ones I am most familiar with.