Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Return Of Horror Cinema

I remember back when as a child long before cable or even Satellite television when the local channels would run special programs dedicated to sci-fi and horror movies. Television programs such as Frightening Flickers with Gregory The Grave Walker stumbling his way through Mount Hope Cemetery.

Now back then which was long before personal computers and video games were invented, a child relied on books and his imagination along with listening to the radio for entertainment. But when horror television came along you can bet that many children were glued to the tube watching human or mutant monsters wreck havoc on mankind.

I mean sure, some horror movies may have been somewhat corny even in its day, but because of its unconventional nature as compared to the norm would leave you riveted to your seat until the ending credits rolled and mom was reminding you after five times that dinner was getting cold.

Such memories.

And since I’m such a hardcore paranormal advocate and old sci-fi monster movie buff that I recently completed the video program Graveyard Cinema with your host Mr. Ghoul.

Graveyard Cinema first movie will be the brain numbing classic The Legend of Boggy Creek. A movie so slow and gradual in its depiction of some hairy swamp monster terrorizing the folks of Fouke, Arkansas, that even Thomas Biscardi could not have done more to liven it up.

So if you know anyone within the CH15 PCTV area ask them to record this regions first return of classic horror t.v and enjoy the ride back to a simpler time when horror movies with little or no commercial interruptions ruled.

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