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Haunted Irish Pub

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Haunted Irish Pub Posted on 2nd April 2010 in Anomaly, Ghost Hunting, Ghosts, Mediumship, Paranormal, Stigmatized Property

A couple days ago we found ourselves visiting a lake side Irish Pub here in Monroe County which had long held the reputation of containing more than just a wide selection of fine liquors.

Several years ago while the establishment had been under different ownership were we invited to investigate but had never followed through. Fortunately the new owners of the site were kind enough to permit us partial access of the establishment for the exclusive purpose of attempting capture of any anomalous events.

We arrived at about 11:30 PM and after sitting down with our drinks had begun my tour where from anyone else’s perspective I was only taking pictures and videos of things they could not see.

Later after arriving home  and having downloaded my images did I then discover just how haunted this one particular drinking establishment proved to be. Though not surprising given its long history, nearness to a body of water, and location of severe accidents through the years.

My first clue was when within 15 minutes of my arrival did I have one of several spirits brush by me in letting me know of their awareness regarding our actual purpose for being there.

I never once sensed any hostility but rather an insatiable curiosity  bordering on impending loneliness just to be noticed.

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