Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The End Of Rochester Paranormal?

The End Of Rochester Paranormal?

Not at all. We just decided that enough was enough regarding the on going campaign being waged by a number of childish minded individuals and groups both using and abusing our name sake out of spite and personal gain.

Recently we were informed of a woman conducting a paranormal investigation allegedly involving a rather violent ghost and a five year old child while claiming she belonged to a group called Rochester Paranormal. Of which she is not.

So besides people out there intentionally creating public confusion plus using our name for reasons of recognition and monetary gain have we also had to contend with fingers being pointed at us every time one of these individuals either screwed up or screwed someone over.

For the record folks. Any investigation involving Rochester Paranormal will ALWAYS involve both Myself Director J. Burkhart and Ms. Cindy Lee personally.

Anyone caught impersonating either of us will have legal proceedings placed against them.

There are those who have ignorantly blamed me for ruining the paranormal potential in this region which is absurd when considering all the collateral damage caused by other individuals within this region whose campaign of slander, deceit, and plagiarism, is truly what is behind the regional erosion of public confidence.

And because most of them feel they are untouchable as well as justified in their actions often involving depraved indifference just continue harassing anyone they feel is preventing them from their agenda or goal.

But just how busy or ethical are those claiming I prevent them from entering more peoples private homes and businesses?

Well the image included with this post came recently from the server of one local group even after I had threatened them with legal action if they didn’t remove my images which last year had maliciously attacked me in both writing and by illegally copying and distorting my personal images for their published amusement.

A so called professional group of wannabe enthusiasts with so much time on their hands that they have time to once more ignore my original request which they said they had honored in storing examples of their childish artistic endeavors at my expense on their groups personal server.

It makes me laugh when such people can’t understand why hardly anyone invites them into their personal private home in the presence of their children just so a bunch of adults can play act out a fantasy of being a crack team of professional ghost hunters.

So where is the REAL Rochester Paranormal?

You’ll find it by clicking here.

View the original article here

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