Saturday, January 22, 2011

Paranormal News Central Copyright Thieves

The people behind the site Paranormal News Central are in the habit of stealing copyrighted material from other sources which they then add their own name to while giving no credit to its original creators.

Contacting them gets you nowhere with the exception of mild harassment and name calling which is standard behavior for groups of this type which now saturate the Internet with their bogus claims, stolen material, and frequent ad displays filling their site.

Presently through YOUTUBE Paranormal Central has illegally copied and altered my video which I had produced for a couple in Florida who are allegedly plagued by small aliens entering their home. And ours is not the only video which they have illegally copied and added their name and website address.

The practices of groups like Paranormal News Central who feel they are above the law represent just a few of the problems which today only serve towards further discrediting the honest efforts and hard work of the paranormal community.

Those of us who have done the research and have produced evidence which in turn is shared publicly are those who deserve credit for their contributions.

Those within the paranormal community who steal and thus profit from the hard work and efforts of others should be exposed publicly so that everyone may become aware of their unethical and illegal behaviors so that they may be avoided and blacklisted from the overall community.

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