Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The outer rim of Heaven is a very much earthlike place in a lot of ways, except there is a sort of perfection and ease of operation there. I have noticed that the closer in towards the center you get the less solid, and concrete things get. Merciful heaven is on the outskirts, near the border. It is beautiful, but very real feeling. It is a recieving heaven, which means we have a lot of new people coming there, and a lot of people who just feel more comfortable in our relaxed and comforting atmosphere. 

I picture the map of the heavens, as being kind of hat shaped, and the mountain in the center is the most holy place, where people cannot hold a secret or private thought, and communication is completely telepathic. In that center you are neither over here, or over there, you just are, and there are no objects, or material forms to give you a frame of reference of where you are. I have heard it is a very odd feeling that some people just can't get accustomed to, so those people prefer areas on the edges of heaven. Even people who live more towards the center, like to go to the outer area at times. They enjoy the feel of sidewalk beneith their feet, and to experience earth like sensations, sights and sounds for a change. 

Mercy is a younger one of the sophian race, and part of a Sophian's job is to be a sort of hostess in their small portion of heaven. they run heavens according to their natures. Mercy tends to offer security, comfort, and a chance to be creative. The whole place makes people feel at home, just by the nature of it. It offers a lot of comfort, and insures that people feel secure there. 

Most people in my heaven work. They each have duties based on what they like to do. They have archetects, and fashion designers, and bakers. People amuse themselves in their spare time with a lot of different activities, like going to amusment parks, and shopping in huge beautiful malls called agoras. 

Heaven is vast, and Mercy's area is about 200 miles, by 200 miles, or it would be if if were physical, and it is just a very, very tiny fraction of the heavens. There are other heavens also, but those heavens are the ones I am most familiar with.

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